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Believe Phantom of the Opera, think masked balls, think period clothing and painted white faces. The Venice Carnival is the yearly event that boasts sophistication, fun and lots of excellent amusement. The Venice Carnival takes place annually on the picturesque islands in the state of Veneto. The Carnival starts two Saturdays before Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day. Celebrations last for twelve wonderful days and nights with celebrations taking shape in performance art, music, theater, staged shows and culinary delights. The Carnival takes place on the real island of Venice, in the Veneto area of Italy.

If you look at Italy as a boot, Venice it is near the top, a train ride away from the east shore. The city is not far from Padua, so if resorts are overly pricey within the city, then staying in Padua it is the next most intelligent choice. If you’re planning on visiting Venice throughout the circus, but staying in another city in Italy, details are located below on how best to get at and from the island. As Venice it is the north of Italy, don’t anticipate wonderful sun during February. Since the fifteenth century, the city of Venice continues to be observing the Carnival.

Historically, popular amusement encompassing the event consisted of masked balls along with other not-so animal friendly activities like firing live dogs from cannons along with bull baiting. By the eighteenth century, the activities of Venice lasted almost two months into the new year.vent has become less popular after Napoleon took control of the town in 1797 and festivities were totally abandoned when Mussolini prohibited individuals from wearing masks. The custom was not forgotten along with the Venice Carnival started again in nineteen seventy nine along with it is now proud to be on the stage alongside Rio in Brazil along with Notting Hill in London, as among the earth’s grandest carnivals and a must see appearance of decadence.

The festivities of the Venice Carnival 2016 may start with the La Festa delle Marie procession, which goes on during the city. The Festa delle Marie is efficiently the grand opening of the circus on the Saturday, in which a masked procession may complete at the primary sq, Piazza San Marco and is in which the Marias may be presented to the awaiting crowd. The location of this event alters each year, however this year it may take place in the mighty Palazzo Flangini. Expect lots of colors, surprises and grand entertainment. Throughout the dinner, Venetian along with fantasy characters perform throughout the ball.